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16 Feb 2016


There used to be a time when thermal-imaging aficionados had to walk around with goggles strapped to their faces. Goggles!

Those black days are over now thanks to the FLIR One. This iPhone 5/5s case features two side-by-side cameras on its backside: An infrared one and a VGA one that adds a bit more detail to the blobby heat-mapped image. The case also has own fitted battery, a 1400mAh unit that powers things for a couple of hours. That battery won t charge your iPhone, but it does prevent the case from having to sip off the iPhone s charge.

FLIRone-02 FLIR SystemsYou use the case with a free app to scan things for their thermal properties and catch those pictures if you want to-the app comes with many filters, panorama and timelapse modes, and video-recording potential if you re mainly interested in its imaging expertise.

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07 Jul 2015

Eric Chase Anderson

Newcommonground blog

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27 Jun 2015

Amazon's acquisition of Goodreads was met with a mix of cheers and disdain. despite of how you feel about the buy, though, Goodreads' integration with the Kindle Paperwhite is a welcome addition this long travel weekend - that's, if you may be able to get it working.

Last Tuesday, Amazon declared an over-the-air update for its second-gen Kindle Paperwhite that allows you to see what books your Goodreads friends are reading and ranking directly from the e-reader. you may be able to post what books you are now reading and rate them from the Paperwhite also. It all sounds great, till you realize the update really is not on your Paperwhite still. In the announcement, Amazon stipulated that the update "will be delivered automatically in the coming weeks." If your flight is tomorrow and you still have not received the update, here is how to push it.

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14 Jun 2015

Tesla Motors kicked off production of the gorgeous Model S into overdrive, cranking out many 400 cars a week on one of the world's most advanced vehicle production lines.

Now, a big automaker in Detroit or Japan can churn out 400 cars a day, and in fact the Tesla Motors plant had a capacity of 6,000 cars a week when Toyota and General Motors ran the place. But Tesla's numbers are remarkable when you think about the Silicon Valley automaker started just a decade ago with some engineers and mechanics shoving piecemeal parts into a rolling chassis made by Lotus.

Tesla got the factory for a song from Toyota in 2010, spent about a year or so setting up tooling and started producing the Model S sedan in mid-2012. The automaker introduces raw materials by the truckload, as well as the big rolls of aluminum that are bent, pressed, and made to create the car. Those lightweight parts are assembled by swarm of red robots in an intricate ballet that's mesmerizing to behold.

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13 Jun 2015

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